Color your life, decorate your story.

Make your heart colorful with enjoyment.
"Life on Products" brings more comfortable, more joyful, and more colorful life to you.
A little surprise and joy, a new way of life,
May your time and experience be enriched and fulfilled.

  1. Make each form of joy more colorful.

    Things that you touch and feel every day become a part of your life.
    In a world overflowing with all sorts of things, the “the form of plesure” each individual feels is unique.
    In this world where diversity spreads, bring color to your life and each person's heart.
    We deliver small surprises and joys on our products.

  2. With a colorful, heart-satisfying time and experience.

    For customers who say "I want to be" instead of "I should be",
    Life on Products provides the products you can sympathize with the story, make you excited,
    and allow you to experience joy.

  3. Always with Life on Products

    A new way of life that allows you to be yourself,
    together with Life on Products, hope that you will make it a part of your precious life.
    One by one, we make things with commitment,
    To be a valuable item for our customers, can share a happy moments together.