Advantage & Vision|Company|Life on Products, Inc.


Wholesale domain

With a goal of maximizing the possibility acquired in interactions with things, we will achieve mutual benefit with all the retail stores using 3 points of view as an axis: "user point of view," "change in purchasing method," and "channel to establish the brand."

Trend-Standard, Experience-Reasonable
Covering various classes in each brand/category, we construct product range and organizational structure which minimizes influence from business climate.

OEM domain

Concept development, plan, development, design, quality management, logistics, and after-sales service,
Original Equipment Manufacturing conducted in All in One.
To achieve the worldview customers hope for, we provide
all the processes as value with abundant merits A new value created by our brand × your brand,
A new form of OEM, which is collaboration, with colorfulness.

D to C
Direct to Consumer

We deliver a "necessary product" "when desired" with an "adequate price"
directly to consumers with genuine experience and style.


In order to deliver them with a reasonable price, we eliminated functions less likely to be used even if equipped and elaborate designs, and focused on necessary functions and desired designs.


We deliver directly to consumers, eliminated cost and time, shortened the time period to sales, and focused on adequate price.


We are always conscious about development which applies a strict standard, achieving a quality standard that confronts with being reasonable.