Philosophy & Greeting of President|Company|Life on Products, Inc


Color your life, decorate your story.
Not "what it should be," but "what I want it to be."

We want to deliver experiences which get to your heart, which can be obtained from "things."
"Not the 'things' in your day-to-day life, but your life is built upon the 'things.'"
Life on Products was created with such an idea.

We suggest experiences which fill your hearts to customers who "wish to be like this" instead of "how it should be."

Being a company, being a professional which suggests new experiences,
and continuing to be the "creative factory,"
with colorfulness and added value to your lifestyle,
all employees promise sociality and improvement of awareness and aim to be the company that can last forever.
We aim to be the company that can produce not only "things" but also people.

President Yuichi Ikeda


Creating colorfulness in people's day-to-day lives, and
being the company which creates things and creates people,
we achieve happiness in the hearts of all employees and customers.


  1. Creating a system where profit can be generated in any circumstances, giving back the profit to society, and corresponding to changes promptly.
  2. Always seeking new ways, new places, and new spaces and creating new markets with all employees.
  3. Always being honest about the revenue, taking obvious actions quickly for employees and their families and for society.
  4. Understanding that chance only comes once, pursuing professional advance preparation for the best result in the shortest amount of time possible.
  5. Always repeating Plan⇒Do⇒Check⇒Act for purposes/problems and making a habit of standardization.
  6. Being aware of the group as an organization among all employees, continuing to be a strong company which can confront any difficulties with unified strength.
  7. Regardless of gender, nationality and age, continuing to be an organization with its main focus on ability and effort.
  8. Giving chances equally to all employees and understanding the learning from failures, continuing to be generous with challengers.
  9. Focusing on products/services from which earnings can be gained simply and making the best use of inventiveness, providing products/services to where they are desired.
  10. Always thinking about what to stop/withdraw from, implementing with quick decision-making and creating the future.
  11. Continuing to improve the ability to always anticipate a wide range of risks and corresponding to it in the shortest way and in the shortest amount of time possible.
  12. Realizing that our ability is tested when problems happen and acting on everything with a quickness and accuracy that would surprise customers.