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About services for corporate customers

With a little surprise, pleasure and enjoyment we have prepared services corresponding to customers' various needs such as souvenir novelty items and OEM.

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  • Gift & Premium

    Make your heart colorful with enjoyment.
    Bringing each brand created with a little surprise and pleasure, a new form of day-to-day life, and a concept to customers' precious day/precious time.
    We can incorporate customers' requests such as printing names and changing packages and can accommodate from small lots.

  • Brand Collaboration

    Brand developed by Life on Products + corporate customer's brand.
    With the collaboration of more than 2, we can make a big possibility come true. Each brand is on sale at stores like select shops all over Japan and has been covered by the media a lot, so it will sure make your brand sophisticated.

  • Original Equipment

    From hearing to delivery, customer support, and report. Not just producing, but also we will implement servicing with All in One which recognizes the aftersales care as of most importance. We will provide support within the business range according to your request, with a concept of know-how that can complete everything from product planning to after service within our company and prompt action that offers the best.

    Information sharing with the customer at each process
  • Quality Control
    for Development
    & Production


    We will visualize processes from commissive production factory investigations, line inspections, and production management to arrivals mainly overseas.
    When selecting a commissive production factory, we will make a report including factory investigation and assessment and visuals such as pictures and then will make a decision as to whether we can entrust the work with confidence. For the production, we will support customers with timely reports from local employees and prompt responses.