Sifflus SFF-43 Freestanding Portable Hammock is released on 2019/4/22.|Life on Products, Inc.


Product Sifflus

Sifflus SFF-43 Freestanding Portable Hammock is released on 2019/4/22.

Feel free to have a longing hammock lifestyle


Living with Sifflus

Sit back and enjoy the passing of time, or jump up and enjoy the day. Your ideal life is always with Sifflus.

HANWA LTD. which create surprise cordially and products and life is released SFF-43 Sifflus Freestanding Portable Hammock  on 2019/04/22.


Enjoy outdoor activities with friends or family, time to spend leisurely at home. The wooden and chic color hammock makes a better time. Wrapped in soft mesh relaxingly on holidays. It is the product such a you can enjoy the longing hammock lifestyle casually.


■Bag and folded size / weight[Approx.] :1150×200×200mm/ 7,800g ■Hammock cloth size[Approx.] :2200×400mm ■Target height[Approx.] :180cm ■Withstand load[Approx.] :100kg ■Set contents : Stand, Hammock cloth, Storage bag, Hammock belt ■Material :Stand : Steel, Hammock cloth : Polyester, Storage bag : Polyester, Hammock belt : Nylon , PP □This is released with 6,800 yen(without tax) at retail store and by internet on 2019/04/22. ###Inquiry of this product from news media### HANWA LTD..Product MD Unit Ryuto Matsubara TEL +81 6 6538 2800 / FAX +81 6 6538 2877 E-MAIL : WEB Product images