Announcement for change of the official store’s name to “Life on Products, Inc.” and rebranding.|Life on Products, Inc.



Announcement for change of the official store’s name to "Life on Products, Inc." and rebranding.

HANWA LTD.,(Headquarters: Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture, Representative Director: Masafumi Imai) has changed the name of the company to Life on Products, Inc. and rebranded in order to update our vision and identity since the 5th of February, 2021.

Therefore, our website also has been renewed. ( We keep trying to produce plenty of products in order to propose new experiences to you.

【Company name logo】

Background of Rebranding

Under the corporate philosophy, which we keep producing “Colors”, “Products” and “Human Resources” in order to make all of your happiness come true,from now on, we will provide joys with our qualified, valuable products and little surprises.

There is our vision included the ideal such as “We care the products made between Lives and Products” and “the Products will be on the lives. Because these two are totally equal, it will make your life better”.

As a result, we have changed the name and rebranded.

Message from the Representative Director

We want to deliver experiences which get to your heart, which can be obtained from "things.".

"Not the 'things' in your day-to-day life, but your life is built upon the 'things.'"

Life on Products was created with such an idea.

We suggest experiences which fill your hearts to customers who "wish to be like this" instead of "how it should be.".

Being a company, being a professional which suggests new experiences, and continuing to be the "creative factory,"

with colorfulness and added value to your lifestyle, all employees promise sociality and improvement of awareness and aim to be the company that can last forever.

We aim to be the company that can produce not only "things" but also people.

We "Life on Products" are thank you for your continuous supports.