PRISMATE Silent Handy Fan with Aroma Tray PR-F072 is released on 2021/3/22.|Life on Products, Inc.



PRISMATE Silent Handy Fan with Aroma Tray PR-F072 is released on 2021/3/22.

~ It will be on sale from 2021/3/22,
and the official store is accepting advance reservations. ~

PRISMATE Silent Handy Fan with Aroma Tray PR-F072 2,178yen(tax included)

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Product Features

Quietness with a new design
Newly designed blade have cut about 14% noise from our former product PR-F045. In addition, the three blades make powerful wind for you.

1)Pleasant aroma fragrance
You can feel nice fragrance with comfortable wind if you drop few aroma oil on the aroma tray.

2)Convenient upright position
When it’s folded, it becomes an upright position, and angle adjustment is also possible.You can use it according to your lifestyle.

3)Easy to clean and SIAA certified
You can remove the front cover and clean it up to the blade.Also, plastic part of the main body excluding the blades is achieving an antibacterial rate of 99.9% compared to unprocessed products.

4)Smart design
The calm colors and simple appearance are finished in a design so it suits anyone and anytime in your daily life.

Colorfulness and excitement into your hands.
Day-to-day life item that makes your every day colorful and changes it to something a little special.It is like a colorful fun present that slipped out of the rainbow.


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