PRISMATE that makes your everyday life a little special and fun has new products.They are four fans that are convenient in various situations.|Life on Products, Inc.



PRISMATE that makes your everyday life a little special and fun has new products.They are four fans that are convenient in various situations.

~For keeping you cool in hot summer days in 2021~

They are convenient in various situations such as when your hands are full with baggages and when you want to fit a fan to your body on excersising.  

PRISMATE Handsfree Fan with Clip PR-F057 2,728yen(tax included)
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【Product Features】

・Fits into your summer fashion
A fan like your favorite pouch that you'll want to go out with .
The leather-like front guard and gold points add elegance to the fan .
The carabiner strap is a design accent that can be attached to your bag or belt when not in use.

・Wind direction adjustment with a clip
The body has a 360 ° rotating clip and it can be attached to a belt to send wind into your clothes.
Hands-free fan is perfect in summer.

・Built-in stand that can be used on at a desk.
If you use the stand on the back, you can use it as a desk fan on a table .

PRISMATE Hands-Free 5way Mini Fan PR-F063 2,497yen(tax included)
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【Product Features】

・Can be used in 5ways and attached anywhere
You can change attachments and make it 5ways: clip, belt, strap, desk and handy. Carry it around everyday and attach it to the umbrellas, backpacks and your bags. This is a fan that can be used in multiple ways and very convenient for your everyday outgoing.

・Versatile mini clip
When it's used with a clip, the angle can be adjusted 360°. This carries the cool air anywhere you want.

PRISMATE Flexible Handsfree Fan PR-F059 2,970yen(tax included)
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【Product Features】

・Fits tightly on your neck even when exercising
The silicone material on the neck fits tightly and keeps it cool. It supports a wide range of people visiting the ocean and mountain, and those who play sports, those who like the outdoors, and those who work hard in the sun.

・Great for commuting and at your desk
As a hands-free fan when commuting or traveling. In the office, you can use the flexible neck strap as a stand to make it a desk fan. Moreover it can send wind into your clothes by inserting the body into the belt.

plus more Handsfree Neck Hanging Fan MO-F015 2,178yen(tax included)
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【Product Features】

・Comfortable flexible arm
Two fans can send wind toward two directions. The fan arm's angle can be adjusted maximum 180°. You can feel the cool air anywhere you want.

・Objects do not get into the fans easily
The parts that send wind are narrow, so there is less chance that they get object such as hair and clothes. You can feel safe using it.
・Cushion on your neck
There’s a cushion on the neck part, which is comfortable for your neck. 

・Three-level power adjustment function 
There are three levels of power adjusting function. You can choose the level depending on your preference. 

Other Convenient Functions

・SIAA certified
Antibacterial agent is kneaded into the plastic part of the main body excluding the blades, achieving an antibacterial rate of 99.9% compared to unprocessed products.

To prevent accidentally powering it on, click the power switch twice to turn it on.

Colorfulness and excitement into your hands.
Day-to-day life item that makes your every day colorful and changes it to something a little special.It is like a colorful fun present that slipped out of the rainbow.

Adding "more" to day-to-day life
Brings the plus value to your everyday life.A happy price for what you wish for.


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