mercyu Nordic Collection Reed diffuser MRU-97 is released on 2021/4/15.|Life on Products, Inc.



mercyu Nordic Collection Reed diffuser MRU-97 is released on 2021/4/15.

~ It will be on sale from 2021/4/15,
and the official store is accepting advance reservations. ~

Nordic Collection Reed diffuser MRU-97  1,848yen(tax included)

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Product Features

1)Unisex design
It can be used both for women and man, genderless looking. It can be a good interior and make the atomosphere of your room fresh and fashionable.

2)Convenient size
The compact sized pauch is convenient and you can enjoy its drifting fragrance anywhere anytime.

3)From your heart
It is difficult to think of someone's taste of fragrance, but you can gift this reed diffuser without any hesitation as a birthday gift, housewarming and thank-you gift because of the small size.


The chic scent created from the best balance of spicy accent and the sweetness in the orchid.
Musk night
A comfortable scent with deep sweetness.
Green tea
You can feel nature's bounty from the fresh scent which is based Japanese green tea.

Essence of happiness which tickles your sensitivity.
We deliver richness to your day-to-day life with enjoyment to "see" and enjoyment to "smell."
Happy slow life by creating a comfortable space of your own.


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