plus more Top-Filling Ultrasonic Humidifier MO-HF021 is released on 2021/9/30.|Life on Products, Inc.



plus more Top-Filling Ultrasonic Humidifier MO-HF021 is released on 2021/9/30.

~ It will be on sale from 2021/9/30,
and the official store is accepting advance reservations. ~

plus more
Top-Filling Ultrasonic Humidifier MO-HF021 3,278yen(tax included)

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【Product Features】

Since it is a top-filling humidifier, water can be easily supplied. It is a simple design that just removes the top cover.

2)Removable tank
Since the tank can be removed from the main body, can be also washed as a whole. If you remove the top cover, it has a wide mouth and is easy to wash, and you can easily do the daily maintenance.

3)Safety power off function
When the tank is empty, it will automatically stop humidifying. You can use it in safe as sleeping since it will never keep working.

4)Rounded simple design
It's easy to carry because it's small. It can be used in various places such as bedroom, study, and living room. The plump and cute appearance fits into your room.

5)Small, but enough capacity
Although it is compact, it has a capacity of 2L. The neat shape fits in your room regardless of where you use it or the scene.

6)Anti bacterial body and tank
The body and tank have Ag anti-bacterial material, which made it enable to 99.9% anti bacterial prevent it from spreading bacteria.

7)SIAA certified
The SIAA marks represent certification and conformity to the guidelines of ISO22196. This mark is for disclosure of information on quality and safety.

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