PRISMATE W Antibacterial Top-Filling LuLuPure hybrid PR-HF066 is released on 2021/9/15.|Life on Products, Inc.



PRISMATE W Antibacterial Top-Filling LuLuPure hybrid PR-HF066 is released on 2021/9/15.

~ It will be on sale from 2021/9/15,
and the official store is accepting advance reservations. ~

W Antibacterial Top-Filling LuLuPure hybrid PR-HF066 7,920yen(tax included)

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【Product Features】

1)Safe hybrid humidifer
Hybrid humidifer has a heater operation to make the water in the tank safe. The mist is not hot, so it's safe for your family.

2)Pour water from the top
You can pour water from the top, so it's easy to use it.

3)Multifunctional to support your life
It has a lot of functions such as 1/3/6 hours off-timer, 6 interval mode, and 3 levels mist mode.

4)Use aroma oil
Put aroma oil on the aroma pad, then you can enjoy relaxing mist.

5)Night light and good sleep
Orange colored night light is automatically turned off in 1.5 hour, which is great for your bed room when you go to bed.

6)Touch panel and easy operation
Just needs to be touched softly to operate. Also, a light will be turned on when it runs out of water.

7)Firstly, 99% anti bacterial
The body has Ag anti-bacterial material, which made it enable to 99% anti bacterial prevent it from spreading bacteria.

8)Secondly, AG+cartridge make the mist clean
AG+cartridge has been installed. It prevents bacteria from spreading. This enables it to keep clean tank an the air.

9)SIAA certified
The SIAA marks represent certification and conformity to the guidelines of ISO22196. This mark is for disclosure of information on quality and safety.

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