PRISMATE Antibacterial Slim Auto Dispenser for Foam Soap PR-EA009 is released on 2021/11/11.|Life on Products, Inc.



PRISMATE Antibacterial Slim Auto Dispenser for Foam Soap PR-EA009 is released on 2021/11/11.

~ It will be on sale from 2021/11/11,
and the official store is accepting advance reservations. ~

We want to care about antibacterial things because of this era. Discharge rate can be selected according to a scene. Waterproof specification is available to wash the whole body and keep it clean. It's also rechargeable, so there is no need to replace the battery. Its slim body can be placed anywhere. By emphasizing the actual "ease of use" and stuffing it with "I wish there was such a function", we have realized that the high-performance auto dispenser will fit your life.

Antibacterial Slim Auto Dispenser for Foam Soap PR-EA009 5,478yen(tax included)


【Product Features】

1)Holding out hand over only, Non-contact
Just hold your hand over the infrared sensor under the top. Anyone can use it easily.

2)Washable, since waterproof
It's passed the "IPX7" test. When you are concerned about dirt, you can wash the whole body. *When immersed in water temporarily (30 minutes) under the condition of constant water depth (1 m).

3)Discharge rate is selectable under a scene
In order to realize various voices such as "I want to use it a little" or "I want to use it firmly", you can choose the discharge amount from 5 levels.

4)No need to replace batteries
Since it is a USB rechargeable type, there is no need for a little troublesome battery replacement. Of course, it is cordless, so you can use it anywhere you like.

5)Wide mouth tank makes it easy to pour
The tank has a large mouth, so you can easily pour liquid without using any tools.

6)Available to check remaining amount
You can check the remaining amount of liquid from the window on the back, so you can see at a glance when to refill.

7)Power off will prevent a malfunction
When moving it, you can turn off the power to prevent to sense accidentally.

8)Anti bacterial body and tank
The whole body has Ag anti-bacterial material, which made it enable to 99% anti bacterial prevent it from spreading bacteria.

9)SIAA certified
The SIAA marks represent certification and conformity to the guidelines of ISO22196. This mark is for disclosure of information on quality and safety.

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