plus more Cordless Tripod Fan with Swing & Mobile Battery Function MO-F017 is released on 2022/03/22.|Life on Products, Inc.



plus more Cordless Tripod Fan with Swing & Mobile Battery Function MO-F017 is released on 2022/03/22.

~ It will be on sale from 2022/3/22,
and the official store is accepting advance reservations. ~

A cordless mini living fan with a stylish look that is different from the past. But it's not just about how it looks. You can use in multiple way as you like. such as automatic swinging left and right, adjustable fan height, removing the tripod and using it on the desk, using it as a mobile battery, etc.

Cordless Tripod Fan with Swing & Mobile Battery Function MO-F017 5,478yen(tax included)


【Product Features】

1)Excellent usability of the tripod in the living room
The tripod can be removed and closed, making it less bulky to carry and store. Also, when cleaning the floor, you can easily lift it up and wipe it off quickly.

2)Recommended for the outdoors
The tripod can be stood even if the ground is not so flat, such as rocks or sandboxes. It also minimizes dirt that touches the ground. Furthermore, as it is a USB rechargeable type, with a mobile battery function, can be stored compactly, it's suitable for outdoor activities.

3)Left and right automatic swing function about 180 °
The automatic swing function that delivers the wind to a wide range supports up to about 180 °.

4)Height adjustable with a tripod
The height of the fan can also be adjusted from about 39 to 52.5 cm. We will deliver a cool breeze to a place you want.

5)Also as a mobile battery
Equipped with a mobile battery function, you can charge your battery products such as mobile phone anywhere. It is a useful function when you are at outdoors and in an emergency.

It has a detachable cover so you can clean the fan easily.

7)2m USB cable
You can use it with your smartphone adapter. The included 2m USB cable can be used in a wide range during charging.

8)Deliver the wind to the specified space
Since it can be used even if the tripod is removed, it can be placed at your favorite place such as on a desk or beside your feet to deliver the wind to a specific space you like.

9)SIAA certified
Antibacterial agent is kneaded into the plastic part of the main body excluding the blades, achieving an antibacterial rate of 99.9% compared to unprocessed products.The SIAA marks represent certification and conformity to the guidelines of ISO22196. This mark is for disclosure of information on quality and safety.

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