mercyu Minimal Collection Reed Diffuser 180ml MRU-201 is released on 2022/03/22.|Life on Products, Inc.



mercyu Minimal Collection Reed Diffuser 180ml MRU-201 is released on 2022/03/22.

~ It will be on sale from 2022/3/22,
and the official store is accepting advance reservations. ~

The combination of a transparent bottle, a plaster cap and coaster, and a willow lead stick gives it a simple yet dynamic appearance. The fragrance that spreads in the room is like a luxury hotel overseas and you can enjoy a high-grade atmosphere.

Minimal Collection Reed Diffuser 180ml MRU-201 1,760yen(tax included)


【Product Features】

1)The design is water clear
The simple, inorganic and transparent overview is an eye-catching design that makes you feel as if you are visiting a Western art studio.

2)Luxury fragrance like hotel
A luxurious fragrance from a pure white willow lead stick. The usual room will be a calm and elegant space.

3)Commitment to every corner
The glass bottle is particular about the plaster coaster that is casually colored, and the overall balance is kept beautiful. The fragrance period is about 3 months, so you can enjoy the scent for a long time.

4)A gift for loved one
The luxurious appearance and scent make it a great gift for you and your loved ones.


Pleasant Wind
The scent of the clear wind that penetrates the forest, where you can feel the vitality of nature every time you take a deep breath.
Luxurious Dew
A powerful and elegant scent that is clear like morning dew dripping from the petals.
Lazy Afternoon
Along with the gentle flow of time in the afternoon of the holiday, the woody scent that makes you feel a little adult sex appeal opens your heart.

Essence of happiness which tickles your sensitivity.
We deliver richness to your day-to-day life with enjoyment to "see" and enjoyment to "smell."
Happy slow life by creating a comfortable space of your own.


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