mercyu Antique Collection Reed Diffuser 200ml MRU-205 is released on 2022/03/22.|Life on Products, Inc.



mercyu Antique Collection Reed Diffuser 200ml MRU-205 is released on 2022/03/22.

~ It will be on sale from 2022/3/22,
and the official store is accepting advance reservations. ~

An impressive amber bottle designed in antique style. A gentle blissful scent is associate with a luxurious foreign hotel. By firmly blending each element, it transforms from a retro look to an urban look. To one point of fragrance that is familiar to any room.

Antique Collection Reed Diffuser 200ml MRU-205 1,540yen(tax included)


【Product Features】

1)Antique-style bottle with a strong presence
The striking amber bottles and labels are associate of the retro medicine bottles lined up in fashionable antique shops.

2)Luxury fragrance like a hotel
Contrary to the retro impression, the scent drifting from the black cotton stick is a luxurious and calm scent.

3)Reasons to be chosen
The modern simple label design is perfect for any room. You can feel free to create fashion. The fragrance period is about 3 months, so you can enjoy the scent for a long time.

4)A gift for loved one
The luxurious appearance and scent make it a great gift for you and your loved ones.


Delightful Musk
In addition to the pure white image, the fragrance of musk with a slightly spicy depth.
Oriental Juice
A refreshing scent with a mysterious, fascinating image of the East based on citrus.
Floral Air
Reminiscent of refreshing flowers, it has a refreshing scent like a nostalgic air.

Essence of happiness which tickles your sensitivity.
We deliver richness to your day-to-day life with enjoyment to "see" and enjoyment to "smell."
Happy slow life by creating a comfortable space of your own.


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