Multi stick cleaner LNACN004 is released on 2023/12/01.|Life on Products, Inc.



Multi stick cleaner LNACN004 is released on 2023/12/01.

~ It will be on sale from 2023/12/1,
and the official store is accepting advance reservations. ~

This item has sufficient performance as the first vacuum cleaner, and is useful in various situations such as at home or in the car.
With a stylish design, it is an item that can be displayed.
A multi stick cleaner that is perfect for everyday use and allows you to quickly clean up.

Life on Products
Multi stick cleaner LNACN004 19,800yen(tax included)


【Product Features】

1)Make a scene of diary life into a wonderful time
With a design that makes you want to use and choose, based on the wood grain that blends in with your interior,
A new cleaning item that replaces one everyday scene with a wonderful time.
With an affordable price, convenient functions, and a design that eliminates the negative impression of cleaning,
we provide a healthy, comfortable and fulfilling life.

2)5 types of attachments to expand usage scenes
With 5 types of attachments including long pipe, nozzle brush, floor head, bellows hose, and hose head, you can easily clean from flat surfaces to narrow spaces such as the inside of a car.

3)Small but high power suction
Although it is compact, it absorbs dust and dirt well. You can easily clean up spilled sweets in the living room, eraser scum in your children's study room, and fine garbage in the kitchen.

4)Cordless to take anywhere
It is convenient to carry and can be used in places where there is no power supply. Since there is no cord, it can turn in a small radius and is easy to operate. Not only can it be used indoors, but it can also be used to clean car seats, floor mats, trunks, etc.

5)With a hanging rope for convenient storage
A hanging rope attached to the grip allows storage on a hook or rack. The ease of being able to pick it up quickly when you want to use it is also a nice point.

6)Wood grain pattern that suits well in your room
The wood grain pattern on the grip part has two colors, natural wood and dark wood, which are carefully selected to match the interior. It features a design that blends in with the interior even if it is not stored.

7)Easy to dispose of and clean
Just remove the dust box from the main body and throw away the collected garbage. No need for paper packs, no running costs, and no need to get your hands dirty. Of course, it is easy to clean.

Color your life, decorate your story.
Make your heart colorful with enjoyment.
"Life on Products" brings more comfortable, more joyful, and more colorful life to you.
A little surprise and joy, a new way of life,
May your time and experience be enriched and fulfilled.


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