Reed Diffuser MRU-123 &mercyu Refillable Fragrance Oil 480ml MRUS-50 will be available for pre-order from 2024/02/26.|Life on Products, Inc.



Reed Diffuser MRU-123 &mercyu Refillable Fragrance Oil 480ml MRUS-50 will be available for pre-order from 2024/02/26.

~ It will be on sale from 2024/2/26,
and the official store is accepting advance reservations. ~

Reed Diffuser MRU-123 2,420yen(tax included)


The material surrounding the bottle is bamboo, which is attracting attention from an environmentally friendly and sustainable perspective. The highly crafted design adds a natural look to the room. The warm bottle design has a strong presence, but its size is compact. The lead is also short, so it can be placed on shelves, in bathrooms, and other places where space is limited. The bamboo material is highly durable and can be used for a long time by replenishing with oil. We have selected 3 popular fragrance from mercyu , so making them good as souvenirs and smallgifts.

【Product Features】

1)Beautiful design with straight lines of bamboo
The bamboo material wrapping the glass bottle creates a sense of warmth and craft. The linear design blends beautifully with both Japanese and Western interiors, accentuating any room.

2)Bamboo materials are used to create a natural feel
The bottle stand is made of bamboo, which is eco-friendly and attracts attention from a sustainable perspective. The highly crafted design has a strong presence and is compact, so it can be placed anywhere.

3)3 fragrances to please both men and women
3 popular fragrances have been selected to please both men and women. Clear Air, the most popular, and Savon and Delightful Musk, which are popular for their clean fragrances.

4)Warm and lovely package
The packaging has a natural taste with cute illustrations to match the craft-like bottle design. The beautiful picture book-like packaging also makes a great gift.

5)CL(Clear air)
Be fragrant softly when passing,the space where there is that lingering scent has special clear air.*Clear air is the Registered Trademarks of Life on Products, Inc.

6)TS(Light savon)
It's a sweet fragrance that spreads faintly and soft soap fragrance full of cleanliness.

7)DU(Delightful musk)
In addition to the pure white image, the fragrance of musk with a slightly spicy depth.

mercyu Refillable Fragrance Oil" MRUS-50 Price: 2,310 yen (tax included)


2 types new fragrances added to mercyu's refill bottles
The popular fragrances TS (Light savon) have been added to mercyu's refill bottles. You can enjoy your favorite fragrance forever without hesitation.

Essence of happiness which tickles your sensitivity.
We deliver richness to your day-to-day life with enjoyment to "see" and enjoyment to "smell."
Happy slow life by creating a comfortable space of your own.


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