Plusmore Low-Carb Rice & Salad Chicken Cooker with recipe book MO-SK002 is released.|Life on Products, Inc.



Plusmore Low-Carb Rice & Salad Chicken Cooker with recipe book MO-SK002 is released.

〜Low-carb rice, brown rice, salad chicken. Easy operation for a healthy life〜

A healthy life realized by low-carbohydrate rice and brown rice. In addition, there is a mode by which salad chicken can be made automatically, and an automatic cooking mode in which the temperature and cooking time are selected according to the recipe. The included recipe book expands the variety. A healthy eating habit continues every day because it is easy to operate. Compact size and does not take up space. We will deliver a healthy and easy eating habit with this one unit.

MO-SK002 plusmore
Low-Carb Rice & Salad Chicken Cooker with recipe book MO-SK002 10,978yen(tax included)
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Product Features

1)Double-structured low-carb mode
Double structure that achieves carb cut of approximately 37%.

2)Automatic cooking mode
After selecting the temperature and heating time, just press the button. It is an excellent rice cooker that cook by itself, from low-temperature cooking to stewed dishes.

3)Salad chicken mode
You don't have to set the temperature and time because it's set in advance. You can cook salad chicken and salad fish which are healthy easily by only pressing a button.

4)Recipe book including 50 recipes!
This item has a recipe book including 50 recipes such us salad chicken's, fish's ones and arrange recipes. So it helps your low-carb and high protein meal everyday.

5)Compact size low-carb rice cooker
Compact even for a low-carb rice cooker. It is designed to be luxurious and minimum size

Adding "more" to day-to-day life
Brings the plus value to your everyday life.
A happy price for what you wish for.


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