Onlili ONL-HF015 Ceramic Eco-Friendly Humidifier is released on 2019/9/21.|Life on Products, Inc.


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Onlili ONL-HF015 Ceramic Eco-Friendly Humidifier is released on 2019/9/21.

This big cactus heal you


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HANWA LTD. which create surprise cordially and products and life is released
ONL-HF015 Onlili 2019/09/21 on sale

This humidifier is eco-friendly and also easy on the pocketbook. The cute cactus can humidify your room steadily. The size has a lot of impact and looks like a real cactus. These healing cactuses will humidify your room more softly than machine.


■Tank capacity[Approx.] :300ml
■Recommended space[Approx.] :Personal
■Size[Approx.] :WH : 110×120×265mm、CE : 110×110×260mm、DT : 110×110×175mm
■Weight[Approx.] :WH : 790g、CE : 680g、DT : 620g
■Remarks :*Plate isn't included in the weight size.
■*precautions :Please adjust water amount in the pot or put bigger plate under the existing plate,、if water overflows with conditions. Please throw away water once a day for prevention of 、water leak and mildew.、
■Set contents : Tank, Cover, Plate
■Material :Ceramic

□This is released with 2,750 yen(without tax) at retail store and by internet on 2019/09/21

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